LLM Program

The LL.M in International law is a one-year degree program providing specialized knowledge of International law for legal and business practitioners engaged in cross-border legal transactions. Foundational knowledge of international law permits students to acquire a profound understanding of the normative predicates upon which contemporary and particularized departments of law repose. The objective of the program is to provide professionals with the skills to solve complex legal problems, provide service to clients based on ethical principles, and to reform the legal system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The KIMEP LL.M in International Law is based on first principles. Students are expected to acquire the skill to read and interpret legal texts, to critically examine the underlying policies of legal rules, and to prepare written and oral arguments based upon correct reasoning and applicable to practical tasks encountered in the external environment. The KIMEP LL.M in International law next takes advantage of Kazakhstan’s geopolitical position. Kazakhstan is rich in natural resources, expects the city of Almaty to become the financial center of Central Asia, and has joined a Customs Union with the Russian Federation and Byelorussia. The curriculum weaves conventional courses found in general LL.M. courses with courses dealing with the particular legal regime of Kazakhstan that constitute a precondition for foreign direct investment in the extractive industries and emerging cutting edge markets of Kazakhstan. The faculty within the LL.M program provides guidance to its students, especially within the context of the LL.M thesis. Close relationships between faculty and students benefit both parties. Students have an opportunity to receive professional advice both in academic matters and professional career choices. The ratio of faculty to students is low and allows for the creation of a “lyceum-like” atmosphere at KIMEP. 


The LL.M program consists of 37 credits. The LL.M degree may be completed in one year for full-time enrolled students. The LL.M also may be completed over an extended time period to accommodate working professionals. Admitted students who have a score of less than 60 on the KIMEP Entrance English Test (KEET) test are required to take Foundation English language courses depending upon the range of the KEET score.

Category of Courses Credit Hours
Program Requirements 9
Program Electives 24
Final Attestation 4
Total Required for Graduation 37

Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.00 to graduate from the program and may not have more than 2 grades of 2.0 (C) or below.

The following courses are required.

Program Requirements

Course Code Title of Course Credit Hours
LAW5203 Public International Law* 3
LAW5205 Private International Law** 3
LAW5207 Psychology for Lawyers 2
LAW5208 Management for Lawyers 1

*The courses LAW5203 Public International Law qualifies for English Language (Professional) as required by the Ministry of Education and Science.

**The course LAW5205 Private International Law qualifies for LAW5923 Internship Substitute

Program Electives

The electives can be selected from the following courses:

LAW5201 Legal Method, Skills and Reasoning 3
LAW5202 Methods of Legal Argument 3
LAW5204 International Commercial Law 3
LAW5206 International Commercial Arbitration 3
LAW5701 Company Law of RK 3
LAW5702 Tax Law of RK 3
LAW5703 Business Litigation Practicum 3
LAW5704 Law of Energy and Natural Resources 3
LAW5705 Intellectual Property Law 3
LAW5706 International Banking Law 3
LAW5707 International Commercial Arbitration Practicum 3
LAW5708 Administrative Law of RK 3
LAW5709 Introduction to the Legal System of RK 3
LAW5801 Corporate Finance 3
LAW5802 International Taxation Law 3
LAW5803 International Investment Law 3
LAW5804 Mergers and Acquisitions 3
LAW5805 Constitutional Law of RK 3
LAW5806 Commercial Litigation in Kazakhstan 3
LAW5807 Contract Law of RK 3
LAW5808 Tort Law of RK 3
LAW5809 Law of the WTO 3
LAW58103 International Anti-Corruption Law 3
LAW5299 Selected Graduate Topics in Law 3

Final Attestation

LAW5991 Comprehensive Master’s Exam 1
LAW5992 Thesis Defense 3

Students shall be guided by the Theses Guidelines of the School of Law in writing and defending their theses. They may choose any course offered by the Program in order to start writing their Thesis under supervision of the respective instructor(s). This course shall simultaneously constitute LAW5990 Thesis Seminar.

Students shall take LAW5991 Comprehensive Master’s Exam and LAW5992 Thesis Defense before graduation. LAW5991 Comprehensive Master’s Exam may be taken after all course credits have been earned. LAW5992 Thesis Defense may be completed after LAW5991 Comprehensive Master’s Exam was successfully passed.


Students who do not have an undergraduate degree in law shall be required to take the following courses:

LAW5709 Introduction to the Legal System of Kazakhstan
LAW5701 Company Law of RK
LAW5806 Commercial Litigation in Kazakhstan
LAW5807 Contract Law of RK
LAW5808 Tort Law of RK

Students who graduated from KIMEP LL.B Program may transfer two out of the four following courses earned within their LL.B Curriculum:

LAW5701 Company Law of RK
LAW5806 Commercial Litigation in Kazakhstan
LAW5807 Contract Law of RK
LAW5808 Tort Law of RK

Students who graduated from KIMEP LL.B Program may not take the following course:

LAW5709 Introduction to the Legal System of Kazakhstan