LLM Program

Program Description

The LL.M in International law is a one-year degree program providing specialized knowledge of International
law for legal and business practitioners engaged in cross-border legal transactions. Foundational knowledge of
international law permits students to acquire a profound understanding of the normative predicates upon which
contemporary and particularized departments of law repose. The objective of the program is to provide
professionals with the skills to solve complex legal problems, provide service to clients based on ethical
principles, and to reform the legal system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The KIMEP LL.M in International Law is based on first principles. Students are expected to acquire the skill to
read and interpret legal texts, to critically examine the underlying policies of legal rules, and to prepare written
and oral arguments based upon correct reasoning and applicable to practical tasks encountered in the external
environment. The KIMEP LL.M in International law next takes advantage of Kazakhstan’s geopolitical position.
Kazakhstan is rich in natural resources, expects the city of Almaty to become the financial center of Central Asia,
and has joined a Customs Union with the Russian Federation and Byelorussia. The curriculum weaves
conventional courses found in general LL.M courses with courses dealing with the particular legal regime of
Kazakhstan that constitute a precondition for foreign direct investment in the extractive industries and emerging
cutting edge markets of Kazakhstan. The faculty within the LL.M program provides guidance to its students,
especially within the context of the LL.M thesis. Close relationships between faculty and students benefit both
parties. Students have an opportunity to receive professional advice both in academic matters and professional
career choices. The ratio of faculty to students is low and allows for the creation of a “lyceum-like” atmosphere

Having achieved these learning outcomes, students are prepared to pursue further study of law at the PhD level
or to work locally or internationally. For example graduates will be qualified to work in:
1. Law Firms
2. Business Firms
3. Financial Services Firms
4. Government
5. International organizations
Also, program graduates with an academic inclination shall be eligible to apply for appropriate PhD programs at
the KIMEP University and other higher education institutions in the Republic of Kazakhstan or abroad.

Curriculums differ depending on Сatalog. To check your curriculum please choose your year of acceptance to KIMEP:

AY 2015-2016

AY 2014-2015