Bachelor’s in Law (LLB)

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General Education Requirements

History of Kazakhstan

Kazakh I

Kazakh II

Academic Speaking (English)

Academic Reading and Writing I (English)

Life Security

Introduction to Economics

Fundamentals of Political Science

Introduction to Computers or Business Computer Applications

Environmental Law and Policy (Introduction to Environmental Studies)

Fundamentals of Sociology

Introduction to Philosophy or Principles of Ethics

History of Political or Principles of Studies

Program Foundation Requirements

Business Russian / Kazakh

Mathematics for Lawyers

Academic Listening and Note Taking (English)

Academic Reading and Writing II (English)

Legal Research, Reading and Writing I

Theory of State and Law

History of State and Law in Kazakhstan

History of State and Law in Foreign Countries

Constitutional Law of RK

Civil Law of Republic of Kazakhstan. General Part

Civil Law of Republic of Kazakhstan. Special Part

Criminal Law of RK: General Part

Criminal Law of RK: Special Part

Administrative Law of RK

Public International Law

Private International Law

Law of Financial Institutions

Labor Law of RK

Family Law of the RK and Civil Law of RK: Inheritance Law

Law and Economics

Program Specialization Requirements

Comparative Constitutional Law

Civil Procedure Law of RK

Criminal Procedure Law of RK

Land Law of Republic of Kazakhstan

Procuracy Supervision in RK

Advocacy in Kazakhstan and Professional Ethics of Lawyer

Juridical psychology

Program Foundation Electives Courses (9 credits)

Customs Law of RK

Animal Law

International Trade Law / Law of the WTO

Comparative company law

Comparative Law

International Finance Law

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Tax Law of Republic of Kazakhstan

Program Specialization Electives Courses (12 credits)

Law of the European Union

Law of the Financial Crime

International Human Rights

International Commercial Transaction


Academic Internship

Industrial internship

Pre-diploma Internship

Physical Education (8 credits)

Thesis and State examination (3 credits)

Admissions Contact:

Admissions Office, KIMEP, 4 Abay Avenue, Almaty

+7 (727) 270 42 13

Professor of School of Law, Zhenis Kembayev, acknowledged as the best in the country:

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Bachelor’s in Law (LLB)
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LLB Presentation

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