KIMEP International Research Conference

KIMEP International Research Conference 2015

12th KIMEP International Research Conference

Almaty, Kazakhstan

3-4th April, 2015 

Conference Theme:

Global Competitiveness and Economic Growth in the 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities 

This multi-disciplinary conference is dedicated to promoting knowledge on issues relevant to Central Asia, but including global issues that impact all of us, no matter where we live. KIRC facilitates the exchange of ideas, values, research and experience between academic scholars, business leaders, and policy-makers in the areas of Accounting, Management, Economics, Finance, Taxation, Information Technology, Operations Management and related fields. The primary language of the conference is English, but some sessions will be scheduled in Kazakh and Russian to accommodate both presenters and audience. 

Conference Structure & Scope 

The conference will consist of concurrent presentation sessions of research papers as well as guest speeches, panel discussions and workshops. Papers and presentations will be organized on multiple tracks such as Accounting and Taxation, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Management, Information Systems, Operations Management, Tourism, etc. In addition to the academic research tracks, there will be seminars/workshops on AACSB/EQIS accreditation, business practices, etc. too. 

Contact Information:
Monowar Mahmood, Ph.D.
BCB Research Coordinator, e-mail:
334/Dostyk Building,
2 Abai Avenue
Almaty 050010
Republic of Kazakhstan