The KIMEP Charter

1. General provisions and legal status of JSC ‘KIMEP’

2. The subject, goals and objectives of the activities of JSC ‘KIMEP’

3. Founders

4. Rights and obligations of the shareholders

5. Shares of JSC ‘KIMEP’

6. Management of JSC ‘KIMEP’ (Bodies. General Meeting of Shareholders. Board of Trustees. Executive Committee. Councils)

7. Officials of JSC ‘KIMEP’

8. Affiliated persons of JSC ‘KIMEP.’ Order of providing information on affiliated persons

9. Faculty, research and support staff

10. Admission to JSC ‘KIMEP,’ students and attendees

11. Organization of academic and research activity

12. System of education and curriculum structure

13. System of assessment of student learning

14. Public organizations

15. Branches and representative offices of JSC ‘KIMEP’

16. Financial statements and audit of JSC ‘KIMEP’

17. Reorganization and liquidation of JSC ‘KIMEP’

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