The Academic Council


The establishment of the KIMEP Academic Council (KAC) was authorized by the General Meeting of Shareholders (2009) on the recommendation of the Board of Trustees of KIMEP (2009). The Council shall have the necessary powers vested in it by the Charter of KIMEP (amended and approved by the Ministry of Justice, RPK, 2009) to perform its duties, achieve the academic objectives and purposes of the Institute, and to make such reasonable academic policies for the education of its students.


The purpose of the Academic Council of KIMEP University (the “Council”) is to manage the academic affairs of KIMEP University.[1] The Council is the collegiate body of KIMEP University that gives Faculty Members of KIMEP University a formal instrumentality to express to the President’s Cabinet the considered recommendations of the Faculty. In as much as the explicit authority of the Council is not exclusive, the Council has the responsibility to manage any issue that may be deemed to come within the term “Academic Affairs.”

Composition of KIMEP Academic Council

The Council shall be composed only of faculty members of KIMEP University; defined in Part II (1) of these Bylaws, under procedures set forth in Part V. A Member of the Council shall serve as Chair of a Standing Committee.

Members of Academic Council

  1. Each College granting or offering a degree and the Language Center shall have representation on the Council. The initial number of representatives shall be as follows:

3 representatives from the College of Social Sciences;

3 representatives from the Bang College of Business

1 representative from the School of Law

3 representatives from the Language Center

  1. Each representative shall be selected by each College in a manner determined by that College.
  2. Voting members include faculty, Deans, and the Executive Director of the Language Center.

Total voting members: 13

Ex-Officio members without voting rights:

  1. The Vice –President for Academic Affairs, the Vice-President for Planning, Strategic Planning and Research, the Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs, and the Directors of Recruitment and Admissions, Executive Education Center, Registry shall have the status of non-voting observers of the Council
  1. The KIMEP Student Association shall appoint 3 students representative for a term of one year. The representative must have completed 30 credits of coursework at KIMEP and must be in good academic standing. If the student does not enroll or is no longer in good standing then a new representative shall be appointed to serve out the term. The student representative shall not have a right to vote.

[1]Charter on the Joint Stock Company “KIMEP University” (JSC “KIMEP University”) approved at the General Meeting of Shareholders of Joint Stock Company “Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research” (“KIMEP JSC”), Protocol Nr. 14, on December 23, 2011 in Almaty [KIMEP University Charter], Art. 6.4.1.