Financial Aid Office

Welcome to the KIMEP Financial Aid Office web-site!

Here you can find all necessary information about KIMEP University financial aid programs, application procedures and deadlines.

Our office is located in the Valikhanov building, room 203.  It is a great pleasure to assist you with your Financial Aid needs!

OUR MISSION: To make a world-class education affordable by providing a wide range of grants, scholarships and other types of financial assistance.


  • Students’ interests first
  • Openness and transparency
  • Fairness

Each semester every recipient’s financial aid is evaluated for prolongation eligibility based upon their academic standing (GPA) and a full-time status (enrollment). Any changes in your enrollment may affect your financial aid accrual.

The KIMEP University Office of Financial Aid is going green. We try to be environmentally friendly, thus many of our communications will be sent electronically.  KIMEP University’s website, Catalog and the recipient’s Gmail account are official sources of information. Please, make sure the Financial Aid Office has your the most up-to-date email address, and do check your Gmail account on a regular basis.

Financial Aid Office Newsline

+ US-CAEF Scholarship

В целях поддержки и развития предпринимательства в центральноазиатском регионе Американский Центрально-Азиатский образовательный фонд... (more...)

+ Nursultan Nazarbayev Presidential Stipend for Academic Year August 10, 2012-2013

3rd and 4th year bachelor students Excellent Academic Achievements ( only A-, A, A+ ) Participation in research activity (diploma or other documents) Participation in republic and international Olympiads, creativity competitions, sport competitions,... (more...)


Dear students, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, is pleased to announce the launch of a new scholarship programme in partnership with KIMEP University. In 2011 KIMEP University launched... (more...)

+ Changes in the Status of KIMEP

Dear students and colleagues, Please be informed that the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research JSC is now KIMEP University JSC (Certificate of state registration), as per state registration.  University status will allow... (more...)

+ U.S. Central Asia Education Foundation Business education scholarship program

U.S. Central Asia Education Foundation Business education scholarship program Eligibility criteria: To be a citizen of Kazakhstan / Kyrgyzstan / Tajikistan / Turkmenistan / Uzbekistan; To match Admissions criteria for Bang College of Business... (more...)

+ KIMEP will be hosting the School Olympiad

Dear applicants, Please, be informed KIMEP will be hosting the School Olympiad called ‘Kazakhstan: Twenty Years of Independence, the Success Story’ in early Spring. The KIMEP School Olympiad, will be a competition for high-school students,... (more...)