Career & Employment Services

CAREER & EMPLOYMENT OFFICE was created in 1995 with the purpose of an establishment of communications between business community of Kazakhstan and highly skilled experts in various spheres of activity.

CAREER & EMPLOYMENT OFFICE is one of Almaty’s leading Executive Search and Selection Companies. For professional employment requirements, we are able to market your professional qualities to the broadest range of potential clients, offering you the greatest opportunity to choose the job you want. We also offer you a wide range of uniquely related personnel services.


  • to be a bridge bringing together KIMEP students and graduates with the business community in Kazakhstan and abroad;
  • to provide a wide range services in the development of the marketability of KIMEP students;
  • to speed up and to simplify the job selection process


  • To promote the name of KIMEP;
  • To assist KIMEP students to increase their market value;
  • To attract new entrants/the best knowledgeable students;
  • To attract new companies;
  • To be a recruitment market leader;

Career & Employment Office activities are directly related to KIMEP’s mission to respond to a constantly increasing demand for highly skilled professionals.