About this Site

Welcome to the new www.kimep.kz, the home of all online resources for KIMEP University. Along with information about academic programs, KIMEP University’s administration, on-campus events and news about the Institute, this website also provides a variety of web resources for KIMEP University students and faculty members.

Launched in January 2011, this site was designed by the Department of Marketing Communications and Public Relations.  It is hosted on WordPress 3.0 and features a template that was developed by Yuriy Shivrin, KIMEP University’s Digital Media Manager. If you have any comments about this site or suggestions on how we could improve it, feel free to contact us.


The new KIMEP University website provides many innovative and simple navigation tools, which we hope you will enjoy using. You can find the first at the top of your screen, next to the KIMEP University logo. We have nicknamed our new navigation bar the SuperBar. Moving your mouse over six links on the left will open up tabs that contain all of the pages available on the KIMEP University website. Each tab, then, provides a convenient way for sorting this wide array of information. The SuperBar will be available on all KIMEP University pages in the near future.

Second, students and faculty members will have new personal portals provided for them in the top right corner of the page, above the search box. These portals will contain a series of links that they commonly use while on our website. We hope that this will make it much easier from them to register for classes, check schedules, post grades and perform other regular academic activities.

Third, we have upgraded our search engine to Google Custom Search. This is a much more convenient method to find specific information on our website, and our new search engine should go a long way towards eliminating unnecessary results.

Fourth, and finally, we have standardized the footer at the bottom of each page. Contact information for each department’s page will be accessible here, along with essential pieces of information about the Institute.


Along with improved tools for navigating our site, we have also created many new tools for communication between members of the KIMEP University community. All of these tools can be found on our main page, and fall under four categories.

Perhaps the most noticeable new element on our website is the slider. The slider highlights the most important events happening at the Institute and features critical information for members of our community. At any one time, it will hold five different items for our community.

To the right of the slider is a feed for the KIMEP University Bulletin, our news platform. Each new article added to the Bulletin will appear in this feed. This makes sure that everyone will be able to quickly learn about recent news at the Institute, even if they don’t have the time to visit the main page of the Bulletin.

Third, below the feed for the KIMEP Bulletin is our new Google Calendar. An expanded version of this calendar can be found here, and anyone is welcome to submit events for us to upload.  All you have to do is email us at calendar@kimep.kz.

And last, we have reorganized our link banks, which used to be located to the right of the page. We will update these as time goes on, in order to make sure that it is easy to access high usage areas of our website.

We hope you enjoy visiting www.kimep.kz. Again, we’d love to hear your feedback on these changes, so please, contact us anytime.